Starting & Scaling a Successful Regenerative Ranching Business w/ Jacob Wolki


Jacob Wolki is an Australian entrepreneur and regenerative farmer. He started out in his family’s record store, then moved to selling bicycles, and in 2019, went down the regenerative farming rabbit-hole, which he’s now built into a rapidly growing full-time business.

I first came across his work when he released a video which went viral, in which he showed how his un-staffed retail location worked.

Many bitcoiners, including myself, are increasingly interested in the subject of regenerative farming/ranching, so I was excited to speak with someone who entered the space with no formal background, and has been successful in turning it into a career that is enjoyable, fulfilling, and lucrative.

Jake appears to be an honest, hard-working, principled, and thoughtful guy, and it was a pleasure to get to get to know him and learn from him in this discussion.


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00:00 – Intro And Jacob’s Business Background
13:00 – Origin Story Of The Regenerative Ranching Operation
20:49 – Getting Started
28:45 – ‘Identifying’ As A Regen Farmer & The ‘Environmental’ Movement
42:03 – The Influence Of Being So ‘Connected’ To Nature
47:40 – Is ‘Perfect Harmony’ The Goal / Possible?
59:54 – Are Other ‘Normal’ Farmers Getting Interested in Regen?
1:06:46 – Advice For People Starting Out?
1:10:00 – Buying A Butcher
1:15:14 – Perspective On Killing Animals And Optimal Diets
1:27:20 – Success With A ’Staffless’ Retail Approach
1:34:15 – Jake’s Bitcoin Story And The Shared Values With Regenerative Farming
1:49:20 – Jake’s Vision For The Future (Citadel?)


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