Starting a Business – How to Start a Business Banana Farm and Banana Plantation


Starting a Business Banana Farm and Banana Plantation. How to Start a Business is growing bananas and banana plant. Banana farming is profitable Business in the world. Banana growing is a highly profitable venture, whether you have chosen to grow cooking bananas, dessert bananas such as bogeys, sukalindizi or roasting bananas such as ganja, you will be assured of harvesting money. Banana is one of the most important crops worldwide. They are the fifth largest agricultural commodity in world trade after cereals, sugar, coffee and cocoa. Banana cultivation is the profit making farming practice worldwide. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel:

Suitable soil for banana cultivation:
Fertility of soil may be very crucial for a hit cultivation, as banana is a heavy feeder. You should test the soil before banana cultivation. Further, make sure the soil have correct drainage, good enough fertility, and moisture. Due to the fact, banana prefers a deep, wealthy loamy and salty clay loam soil with ph between 6-7.Five. Therefore, you need to avoid soil of low-mendacity areas, very sandy & heavy black cotton with unwell drainage.

Land practice:
Previous to planting banana, grow the inexperienced maturing crop like daintier, cowpea plough insist inside the discipline. You must plough the selected area for four-6 instances. And permit to weather for two weeks. You may use renovator or harrow to break the clod and convey the soil to a quality tilt. At some stage in soil guidance, you could add basal dose of fym (about 50 tones/ha. Before last harrowing) very well mixed into the soil.

Spacing & planting:
You may plant bananas at some stage in the year except in excessive iciness and all through heavy rains whilst the soil remains very moist. But, plant population depends on cultivars, topography and soil fertility. Trim the roots and the decayed part of the corm, reduce the pseudo stem leaving 20 cm from the corm and grade the suckers to size.

Irrigate right away after planting. Supply existence irrigation after 4 days. Eventually, you need to irrigate the field as soon as in every week for lawn land bananas and as soon as in 10 – 15 days for wetlands. Irrigate the fields copiously after each manure software. Use drip irrigation @ five-10 liters/plant/day from planting to 4th month, 10-15 liters/plant/day from 5th to shooting and 15 liters /plant/day from taking pictures to until 15 days previous to harvest.

The nutrient requirement of banana may be very excessive. Consequently, it calls for approximately 150-200g n, 100-150g p and 2 hundred-300g okay consistent with plant in keeping with year. It takes up greater vitamins in step with unit location than nearly every other fruit plants. Pretty, the nitrogen deficiency affects the growth of the plant critically. Then the older leaves display signs and symptoms of choruses.

Weed manages:
Regular weeding is important at some point of the primary four months. Usually you could use spading. Therefore, four spading a year are powerful in controlling weeds. However, you may undertake integrated weed control through including cover vegetation, really apt use of herbicides, intercropping and hand weeding. These will make a contribution to increase production. Additionally you could adopt double cropping of cowpea. It is equally effective in suppressing the weed

Plant protection:
A number of the common pest and illnesses are
Pseudo stem borer: stem borer’s reason whole lot harm to the plant. The grubs of this pest bore into pseudo stem. As a result, the leaves flip yellow, wither and untimely the plant dies.
Rootstock weevil: this pest harms banana in the course of the yr. The grubs bore into rhizomes. Similarly, the adults disguise in leaf sheaths and suckers.

Panama wilt: this disease is maximum critical in poorly drained soil and in the land where you plant banana 12 months after year. Affected flowers display yellowing of leaves which later loaf around the pseudostem and withers.

Bunchy top: that is a viral ailment. Inflamed vegetation display brief and slim leaves collectively at the pinnacle of the pseudo stem to shape a gaggle.

Harvesting & yield in banana cultivation:
The dwarf cultivars of banana are equipped for harvest within 11 to fourteen months after planting. While tall cultivars take about 14 to 18 months to mature. Consequently, the average yield of banana is 40 to 50 t/ha. You can amplify the shelf existence of banana end result and their excellent by using three days or greater with the usage of ethylene absorbent like vermiculite blocks.


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