Starting a Business – Growing Tomatoes in Greenhouse and How to Start a Business of Tomato Farming


How to Start a Business Growing Tomatoes in Greenhouse. Starting a Business of Tomato Farming in Bangladesh. Tomato Plant in Greenhouse. Greenhouse Tomato Farming is profitable Business in the World. Green residence production creates a super manufacturing environment that consists of best relative humidity, temperature and light. These effects in high yields, efficient water usage, excessive fruit pleasant, extended production, shortened adulthood period, low pest and disease incidences, reduced use of land to achieve the same consequences i.e. Ratio of approximately 1:10, low lab our input and timing of market. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel:

Nursery propagation
Seedlings are raised inside the nursery. The seeds should be raised in nursery beds, seed containers or germination trays. The seeds must be drilled thinly in rows 20 cm aside and 1cm deep. The soils need to be stored moist but now not in water logged and the nursery shaded. The seedlings have to be later thinned to 7cm in rows so that you can make certain sturdy seedlings. Transplanting is finished a month after germination. The seedlings are uprooted with a ball of soil at 4 to six leaves stage.

Field Practice
Soil ought to be nicely-organized, thoroughly dug to at least one. Five ft deep to loosen the soil. Observe one wheelbarrow of manure according to meter and blend properly with the soil. The land need to then be divided into beds of 1m huge, after which dap/npk fertilizers are carried out to the surface of each mattress through sprinkling sparingly at a rate of 100g/meter rectangular.

There have to be a chlorinated hand wash at the entrance of the greenhouse in addition to a footbath.

Seedlings are planted at a spacing of (60×30) cm, (60×45) cm or (60×60) cm. Single stem are recommended for narrow spacing and double stem for wider spacing.

Seedlings are transplanted whilst pencil thick and approximately 15cm long. If taller, it’s miles really helpful to bend the seedling horizontal to the ground even as transplanting. To inspire extra root development, seedlings must be planted centimeters deep.

Training and assist
Tomatoes are supported early as viable to avoid bending. This need to be performed whilst the crop is half a foot excessive. Plastic string is greater recommended and need to not be too tight to permit the plant space to expand and keep away from damage to the stem. The string is twisted round the plant on a weekly foundation, within the afternoon while the cells are flaccid and elastic to keep away from breakage of the stem. Within the morning, the cells are turgid and for this reason delicate to bend at that point.


Desuckering- all suckers are removed by means of hand as soon as they appear, for this reason common? Surveys’ across the greenhouse are vital.
Defoliation – too many leaves increase the canopy cover which may additionally bring about high relative humidity consequently extra vulnerable to diseases. Old leaves should be removed. Once the tomato end result is shaped, the leaves below this truss should be eliminated.
Truss pruning- any leaves across the fruit cluster is removed immediately they appear.

Fertilizer application
Top dress with can or urea, to beautify the energy after the primary harvesting. Trenches are made among rows and the fertilizer is applied, covered and irrigated. The mattress must be aerated (shallow digging) every now and then to avoid compaction.

Inexperienced residence should be outfitted with deep irrigation machine and watering need to be done within the morning and in the night.

Harvesting starts off evolved at 10 weeks after transplanting and while tomatoes have about 10trusses and each truss with 7-eight fruits. A truss has to appear after every 18cm.

From every tomato plant the expected yield is as a minimum 20 kg after eight months.


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