Start or Expand Your Farming Business Without Land


Start or Expand Your Farming Business Without Land. Are you interested in starting a farm or expand your farm business?

If you long to start farming or if you need to add enterprises to your farm but don’t have capital or money for purchasing or leasing land, here are some ideas to help you get started.

Lots of folks are interested in getting into the farming world but don’t have money to buy land or even lease land. So how can you scratch that itch? Here is an idea you may not have thought of.

Can you partner with a farm that is raising animals in the way you want? Do you know of someone who is farming the way you want to?

Begin to develop your story and building your brand. Grow you audience. Build your tribe and begin to market your ideas and cultivate your customer base.

This is a great way to enter farming, begin farming, start your farm and be a farmer without land.

Also, if you currently have a farm, you can grow your farm and expand your farming business by following the same principles.

Sheraton Park Farms practices holistic, sustainable farming and soil building using a rotational grazing model as we try to grow more grass on our farm.

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