Spotlight Conversation with Juwaria Jama | Climate Justice, Immigration, and Health


Filmed October 20th, 2021

Watch a CJL Spotlight Conversation with student coordinator Raina Meyer (she/her) and High School Student and Climate Activist Juwaria Jama (she/her) as they discuss im/migrant refugee health, justice, and the law. Juwaria discusses her work on climate justice and advocacy at the Minnesota Youth Council and relates issues of climate change and climate justice to how they affect communities of color in urban settings and immigrant communities. Additionally, she talks about the issues of climate migration as seen through the example of her own family’s journey from Somalia to the United States.

Part of the CJL’s 2020-22 theme of Health, Justice, and the Law

0:00 Introduction
1:37 Can you specify what type of work you do in your community? Reflections on work in the Minnesota Youth Council
3:24 How do you see the topic of immigrant and refugee health tying into climate justice and legislative advocacy? Reflections on climate migration, especially in Somalia
5:51 What are some barriers you’ve faced as a youth organizer and trying to work within these systems that are insanely stressful and kind of built to curb progress from happening?
8:16 How do you keep finding the motivation to work in these areas that are really hard to navigate at times? How do you keep going?
10:40 How do you see the issues of health and climate change intersecting? Reflections on air pollution in the Twin Cities, especially North Minneapolis
16:19 You’ve spoken a lot about the connection between climate justice and health, are there any other personal connections you have to the topic of immigrant/refugee health, justice, and the law? Reflections on immigration from Somalia and translating in medical and health areas
19:33 Are there any organizations or resources you would like to share with people watching that you would like us to boost?
21:14 If you could leave the conversation with one message or one anecdote, what would you want to leave us with?
21:58 Conclusions


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