Space Agriculture And The Low Earth Orbit Economy ◄ Christopher Udall


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Space Agriculture / SpaceAg
Agricultural Technology / AgTech
Low Earth Orbit Economy
Nutrition Security
Genetic Diversity
Ecological Preservation

◄ Episode Description

Feeding our civilization is one of the great logistical challenges of human history. It involves creating reliable sources of food that are resilient to a rapidly changing planet, mass producing crops while minimizing the space and resources they take up, and then moving that food across vast distances before it rots.

As climate change, population growth, droughts and diseases threaten our fragile food supply, some people and companies seek to reimagine agriculture through the lens of a new frontier of human innovation – the low earth orbit economy. Space Agriculture is the practice of creating highly efficient technology that can mass produce food in low earth orbit. Using only gravity, that food can be easily dropped to any location on the planet. This technology isn’t just a pipedream – Scientists have already begun growing crops in space, using radiation from our sun to create genetically altered crops that can survive in the most desolate landscapes on earth.

The vision of SpaceAg is straight from a science fiction novel, yet some visionaries like today’s guest, Christopher Udall, are making it a reality. Christopher combines business savvy, venture capitalism, science, innovative technology, and an all-encompassing mission to revolutionize modern agriculture. Looking deep into the future, let us explore the role of technology like space agriculture as parts of our species begin to live in places other than our home planet.

◄ Episode Timestamps
(00:00) – Introduction
(3:00) – What are the biggest challenges that humanity faces in agriculture?
(4:50) – How could space agriculture be efficient?
(7:15) – What is the Low Earth Orbit Economy?
(11:30) – How do you grow crops in space?
(14:25) – Building a space society
(16:30) – Is space agriculture feasible for earth inhabitants?
(20:20) – Cultural events that drive Agtech innovation
(24:50) – How do you evaluate investment potential for Space Agriculture?
(29:15) – Why use an accelerator venture model?
(33:00) – Why is democratic capitalism a good system to make positive change?
(37:40) – What could SpaceAg look like in 100 years?
(41:15) – Companies to watch in AgTech and SpaceAg
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