Some updates about SugarBear Cville


In the third installment of our “year of ice cream,” Emily opens up with the challenges that come with the growth of a new brand, how she manages all the rapid changes as a solopreneur, and how ready she is to continuously share the SugarBear Cville brand through many more channels.

It’s really a delight to witness a Good Food brand’s growth and success!

Connect with Emily Harpster/SugarBear

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00:11 Some updates about SugarBear Cville
00:48 Collaboration with Bowerbird Bakeshop for a kitchen takeover
01:40 Being Involved with Charlottesville High School’s Urban Farming Program
02:26 Flavors of the Month Proceeds For a Local Nonprofit
03:37 Balancing Out Growing and Production
04:51 Predictability in Usage Rates
05:19 Sales Growth from Other Collaborators & Partner Stores
08:11 Next Plans for Business Growth


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