Social Enterprise Community Urban Farms


Social Enterprise Community Urban Farms (SECUF) are gardening hubs that bring the community together through edibles gardening and curated programmes that revolve around it. Activities in Community Urban Farms could include leasing allotment gardening plots for the public to garden, organising workshops and lessons on gardening, community harvest festivals; coordinating the sale/distribution of harvests etc. Gardening together strengthens family and community bonds to build social resilience.

Social enterprises can apply for the SECUF Grant which encourages the set-up and operation of Community Urban Farms, as well as the organisation of gardening programmes for seniors, special needs and low income individuals/ families.

This grant was introduced under the Gardening with Edibles initiative which was launched by NParks in June 2020 to encourage Singaporeans to grow edibles at home as part of Singapore’s vision of Growing our City in Nature.

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