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Let’s talk about smart vertical farms with Hemant Julka – Co-Founder of VeggiTech. VeggiTech is an Agro technology startup with the sole aim of disrupting the agriculture industry. Website:

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On this Episode:
0:00 – in this episode
1:30 – Evan’s intro
2:04 – Episode starts
3:18 – What is a vertical indoor farm
6:12 – VeggiTech business model
6:56 – UAE key issues for growing food (food security)
9:55 – Does everything grown here go to the UAE market?
10:52 – Can you grow microgreens indoors and locally in the UAE?
11:27 – When do you think we don’t need to import food to UAE anymore?
12:45 – Can you grow a vertical farm at home?
14:18 – QR code technology to know where your food is coming from
16:22 – How do plants start from seed to the market?
17:00 – Let’s see the largest indoor vertical farm in the UAE
18:55 – Why it’s only kale growing here right now?
19:38 – Are we expecting the kale to drop in price in the UAE?
20:27 – Behind the scenes of the interview setup
20:34 – Sit down interview. What is your personal journey?
23:31 – How the use of one technology can be applied to multiple businesses?
24:04 – How to run a farm efficiently?
24:39 – 5 business verticals
25:59 – What kind of data are you collecting in farming?
27:20 – How to forecast ROI and how much food you can grow?
28:08 – How did VeggiTech start? Your startup journey
30:26 – When did you start looking for investors?
31:52 – What is your growth and expansion plan?
33:30 – Does the new trend of agro-technology / agriculture technology help you?
34:56 – The mobile app to track where your food comes from. Digital Smart Farm concept
35:40 – What is important for the investor?
36:06 – The challenges of creating smart farms
39:05 – What will be the demand for agriculture in the coming years? Future farmer
41:05 – How the future will look like for the food ecosystem? Smart farming and smart cities
44:44 – Evan’s ending

Filmed on: August 2020

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