SLP 125 Urban Farming


Steven Cornett has the farming bug!!

He happily works many hours to get his backyard farm off the ground.

Until not too long ago, he also worked a regular job – a job he actually liked.

But, he says, he quit that job a few month ago and never has been happier.

It all started 6 years ago when he and a friend decided to give farming a try. Both worked part-time jobs and spend the rest of their time building their farm.

There was no time for girlfriends or parties. They were too busy following their passion and loving it!

Steven tells us about their journey turning absolute awful San Diego soil into a market garden which brought them an income.

Hint: It helps to know people who need to get rid of animal bedding from a county fair. Another example how waste can be turned into a valuable resource.

After a couple of years of farming with his friend, Steven went to teach English in Korea. There, he did a lot of reading and found Masanobu Fukuoka’s book The One Straw Revolution.

Mind blown!!

Reading this book and learning more and more about Permaculture set Steven on his path to becoming a soil farmer. His focus is to build soil. The veggies and other products are an extremely valuable side effect.

Steven can be found online as Nature is Always Right.

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