SINTEF: Where People Live in the Built Society, by CEO Alexandra Bech Gjørv, at ETC2023


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The last session at the NTNU Energy Transition Conference 2023 looked at “Future Technologies and Lifestyle Changes”. Alexandra, CEO of SINTEF, frames the question of lifestyle changes and how they are connected to the five-fold challenge of the climate and nature crisis. As most people live in cities, these urban areas are the trendsetters for the rest of society and cities are playing a major role in addressing the climate crisis. Oslo is one of three of the 100 zero-emission smart cities in the world, and they are working on cutting emissions in all sectors including the Construction and Transportation sectors. One of the big challenges is the energy efficiency of the sector, and AI is being used to optimize the way infrastructure work is done in the city. The goal is to reduce energy consumption and cut emissions in every sector, with a focus on creating trust in using charging infrastructure and optimizing incentives for people to change.


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