Singapore is the most expensive country to retire in


We talk about this infographic that compares the cost of retiring around the world. Singapore is the most expensive country apparently. We discuss why this is so and what Singaporeans can do.


Original source:
(The link to the original source article doesn’t seem to be working anymore but you can still find the infographic if you google ‘Netcredit cost of retiring around the world’.)

0:00 Intro
2:18 Reasons why Singapore is the most expensive country to retire in
2:24 Singapore’s unique position as a city-state
3:22 Retiring in Malaysia?
6:16 Retiring in Australia?
9:09 Retiring in Japan?
11:14 Prices of retiring at different countries
11:49 Pros and cons of retiring overseas
11:56 The value of the Singapore dollar
13:24 Size of the country where you retire
14:36 Pace of life
17:10 Leaving your relationships
18:42 Giving up local identity
20:01 Learning new language nd culture
20:43 Raising kids
24:14 Giving up safety
24:50 Economic mobility
28:00 is it wrong to leave your country of birth to retire?
32:00 Looking at Southeast Asia as a whole
34:34 Does the productivity of residents matter to governments?
36:52 Attestupa
39:17 Elderly people retiring
42:13 Should Singaporeans consider retiring overseas?


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