Shocking Reason You Shouldn’t Keep Chickens For Eggs!


Thinking about getting backyard chickens to beat the egg crisis? That might not be a good idea. Here’s the shocking truth about keeping chickens for eggs. Are chickens expensive? Do chickens smell bad? How many years do they lay eggs? Does feed make them quit laying? Can you free-range or pasture-raise chickens? Let’s bust some chicken myths.

They’re Killing All The Chickens

Forget Chickens! This Bird Gives 100X More Food

🐓 This Man Has A 30 Year Supply Of Food! It’s Dirt Cheap And Easy.

Millions Will Die From This

As we journey from home to homestead, I’ll teach you how to become self-reliant. When the systems we rely on fail, know that you’ll have the skills to provide for your family. Oh, and we’ll have fun doing it! 👊


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