September Garden Tour | Update on San Diego Seed Company's Urban Farm


September in San Diego! Southern California’s fall doesn’t quite look like the rest of the country, so we’re showing you what’s growing on around our urban farm, located just a few miles from Downtown San Diego. In this video, we’re taking you around the farm:

0:15 Around our garden
1:43 Preparing cool-season crops
4:16 What to do next

September can still have some really warm days here in zone 10, but the shorter days and fading plants are the sign that change is on the way. This is a transition season for our garden. Warm-season crops have given us fruit & seed for the year, and they’re approaching the end of their life cycle. If you’re wondering whether to treat a plant or pull it out of the ground, check out this video:

As these plants (tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, etc.) finish up, we’re starting seeds to get in the ground in the coming weeks. Wondering what you should be starting right now? Check out

Broccoli seeds:
Cabbage seeds:
Cauliflower seeds:
Kale seeds:
Beet seeds:
Radish seeds:

As you pull out summer plants and prepare your next seedlings, always be sure to amend your soil to keep it full of nutrients and life. While you’re getting dirty, this is also a good time to do some weeding & maintenance. If you’re adding compost, worm castings, or other types of fertilizers, always be sure to cover it up with mulch.

Remember that the season is changing, and so is your garden. It’s okay for your summer veggies to be dying. Thank your plants, prepare your next crop, and prepare the soil.

Want more tips? Head on over to our site and the LEARN dropdown for things like our COOL SEASON GROWING section:

You can also sign up for one of our classes (go through it at your own speed). We have “Organic Gardening: Grow Your Own Food” and our famous “Seed Starting Academy” available now:

Rare Seeds:
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