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SCRIPT 2021: Minority Psychology Today


Founded in 2019, the Minority Psychology Network (MPN) is committed to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health in minority communities through education and expanded access to culturally competent behavioral health providers. MPN’s mobile mental health unit, launching this spring, will bring culturally competent behavioral health care providers directly into underserved Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Successful Brim
Founder and CEO, MPN
Successful Brim is the founder and CEO of the Minority Psychology Network (MPN), she started in 2019 with the goal of reducing the stigma surrounding mental health in minority communities through culturally aligned education and outreach. Today, she is leading the members of MPN as they build a nationwide network of minority mental health professionals and advocates, helping to expand access to high-quality behavioral health care and bringing new opportunities to youth who are interested in the field of psychology. A native of Dallas, Texas, Successful earned a Bachelor’s degree from Howard University and earned her Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles, where she is pursuing a doctorate in clinical forensic psychology.

Dominique Lloyd
Board Member, Minority Psychology Network
Dominique Lloyd has been a board member of MPN since 2020. She is now a committee chair for the Spirituality and Mental Health committee and Committee Outreach committee. Dominique Lloyd earned her bachelors’ degree from Quincy University in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Clinical Forensic Psychology.

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As a Los Angeles native, she is motivated by giving back to her community. She hosts toiletry and food drives monthly for the homeless on Skid Row. She aspires to have her own nonprofit that can provide more services to individuals in need.

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