Saudi Arabia Just SHOCKED American Scientists With This


Saudi Arabia is known for its hostile climate of little rainfall. Being a conglomerate of mostly desert and partly arid lands, the land had been far from green. However, a shocking phenomenon is currently happening in the desert land. Surprisingly, the desert is rapidly turning into fertile farmlands; and this is a shocking phenomenon to even scientists. What is happening in this desert? Keep watching this video to find out!

Before we go into details of the causes of the increasingly miraculous farmlands in Saudi Arabia, It might do you some good to know how dry this country initially was. We had long known and associated Saudi Arabia with scorching heat, dryness, and deserts. This was right. In fact, Saudi Arabia is the home of the world’s largest desert, Ruba al-Khali, with an expanse of 650,000 square kilometers. This, in fact, was the size of a whole country.

Again, do you know that this country, the 14th largest country in the world with a total landscape of 2.14 square km, does not have a single permanent river? If you think you’ve heard it all, relax because we’re just getting started. We said earlier that Saudi Arabia is one country with very little rainfall. Now, let’s be specific. Historically, the country has never seen an annual rainfall of more than 150 millimeters. This needs to be a better ratio.

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