Sansad TV Special Report: संकट में अस्तित्व | Climate Change | Heat Waves | 06 March, 2023


In India, nine of the 10 hottest years have been recorded in the past 10 years, and all 10 since 2005. Last year was the fifth hottest year on record. The stress induced due to the heat waves increases respiration and mortality, reduces fertility, modifies animal behavior, and suppresses the immune and endocrine system, thereby increasing susceptibility to some diseases. Since 1992, India has witnessed more than 34,000 heat wave related deaths. This special report flags some startling facts revealed in some recent reports. It also talks about the steps taken by the govt to mitigate the grassroot sufferings emanating from the climate change / heat wave stress in India.

Episode Supervision: Sandeep Yash
Script, Voice-Over, Anchor: Sandeep Yash
Research: Sandeep Yash, Balbir Gulati
Logistics, coordination: Gyanendra Trivedi
Producer: Gyanendra Trivedi

Production Crew:
Camera: S Panday
Video Editor: Jaspal Singh Joban
Graphics: Shweta, Saurabh

Music Courtesy: 20533278 – StudioKolomna – Dramatic Adventure StudioKolomna
: Epic Kiril Zaplotinsky

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