S2E9 How to climate-proof your home [Part-2 of climate mini-series]


In this episode, we’re taking on a future you may not be able to choose and move to a climate safe location. Maybe it’s a job you can’t leave, or you can’t afford to move, or there aren’t many climate safe locations to pick from. How can you then keep your home, your neighbourhood safe from climate impacts?

This is Part-2 of a 3-Part Climate mini-series. In this, experts take us through how an Indian city is learning to deal with climate extremes and poor city planning; and how current and future homes and neighbourhoods can be reimagined for future climate.

Imagined Tomorrow is a science podcast that explores Indian futures.

Experts we spoke to for this episode (in order of appearance):
Gopikrishna Warrier, managing editor at Mongabay India.
Rajesh Kumar Chauhan, building contractor.
Dr. Siddharth Singh, author of The Great Smog of India, which is a book on India’s air pollution crisis, and a researcher of energy transitions and climate action.
Dr. Harini Nagendra, an ecologist who leads Azim Premji University’s Center for Climate Change and Sustainability.

People who helped make this episode:
Creator and host: Shreya Dasgupta.
Theme music, sound design and editing: Abhijit Shylanath.
Draft edits: Abhishek Madan.

Thanks to Parvathy Nair, Parni Ray and Nihira Ram for their help.

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Transcript | References | Sound Credits: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vR7vj2zUx9kSrGf1iAHXBgDKdHN0PakBajQslx3wI9Oib7PKewZAGSOLN623BpYSVYNZ5r9ZngpD3zE/pub


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