Rooftop Garden Santiago de Queretaro Have A Place Begin Raising This Business From A Seed & A Prayer


time to break the news we’re going to be rooftop garden in Santiago de Queretaro. I ask for your support to obtain plants, buy food to eat, and fix my truck, and any part you want to play in helping to sustain this project or me is welcome use cash app PayPal (select friends and family if using PayPal or else it will be put on hold) or become a patron to help with food and getting into a house or property to live and start the plants$silverreport
BTC –$silverreport/ieG9HgrGmk have a lot of space I have a new place to stay temporarily until I can afford to fix my truck. and finally I can start these plans and have them begin to grow. please help me to fix my truck, do bringing enough plans to be able to establish this business, and to buy food for myself to cook.


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