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Poverty is the main problem of countries like Pakistan. Urban farming is the best source of second income for the people who are living in the urban and populated cities. An individual can simply learn from this video and start earning a second income with little effort.

In this video viewers will learn about the following related topics;
1: How to start urban farming in Pakistan?
2: How many types of Urban Farming?
3: what is Rooftop Farming?
4: Small business ideas
5: Mushroom Farming in Pakistan
6: Farming Techniques in Pakistan
7: Farming Techniques in Europe
8: Small Business Ideas for women
9: Small Business Ideas for mens
10: Small Business Ideas for students
11: How to do part time business
12: Second source of income
13: Benefits of Urban Farming
14: How to do Rooftop Gardening
15: Green house Farming

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This video is only for information purposes. The information given in the video is taken from different sources of internet and articles. Team Business talks with haider is not responsible for any business deal and loss related to any business or individuals.


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