Rob Hersov Speaks Out | Die GROOTbrekfis


Rob Hersov speaks out about the corruption in South Africa. Ruben & Charonike interviewed entrepreneur and billionaire, Rob Hersov regarding the current economical climate in South Africa. He shared his ideas and possible solutions for economic and political change.

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0:00 Intro
1:57 Why stay in SA?
2:50 Eskom
5:16 Andre de Ruyter resigns from Eskom
6:53 What is the solution?
10:33 Suing Eskom
11:38 Standing together
13:29 Views on BEE
16:00 2024 Elections
18:26 Coalition party forming
20:15 Ideal cabinet
21:52 Individual political candidates
23:35 The ZONDO commission
25:00 Should people stay in South Africa?
26:57 What to study?
27:30 Will Rob Hersov enter politics?
28:57 Death threats for speaking out
30:58 Is there hope for SA?
31:58 Thanks



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