Rivers are Our Lifeline Preserve Them #biodiversity #malirexpressway #ecosystem


Rivers play a significant role in supporting human life, as they provide a source of water for drinking and agriculture They also help to regulate the climate and support biodiversity. However, human activities, such as damming, pollution, and sand and gravel excavation can disrupt the delicate balance of the river ecosystem, which can have severe consequences for both humans and wildlife. By understanding the importance of rivers and the ecosystem they support, we can work to protect and preserve them for future generations. A healthy river ecosystem is not only essential for the survival of aquatic plants and animals, but also for humans, who depend on the resources and services that rivers provide. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize the interdependence between humans and the river ecosystem and work towards sustainable management practices to ensure the continued survival of both.
#biodiversity #malirexpressway #ecosystem
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