RGE 2022 Highlights


2022 was a fulfilling year for RGE. The group celebrated its 55th anniversary of RGE globally and the 20th anniversary of its return to China. 2022 was a strong financial year for RGE as the group continued to expand its existing operations, and further diversifying downstream to manufacture eco-friendly, sustainable products in high demand around the world.

RGE is founded by Sukanto Tanoto, also its Chairman. Mr Tanoto started his first business in 1967 as a supplier of spare parts and construction contractor to the oil industry. In 1973, the visionary entrepreneur founded RGE as a plywood business. RGE has since progressed from being a local-only player to become a truly global one. Today, its business groups are at the forefront of industries such as pulp and paper (APRIL and Asia Symbol), palm oil (Asian Agri and Apical), viscose staple fiber (Sateri and Asia Pacific Rayon), specialty cellulose (Bracell), and energy development (Pacific Energy),with operations spanning Indonesia, China, Brazil, Canada, Spain and sales offices in more countries worldwide.

RGE’s businesses operate on Sukanto Tanoto’s 5Cs philosophy of doing what is good for the Community, Country, Climate and Customer, and only then will it be good for the Company.


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