Revolutionizing Farming: Inside eeki's Cost-Effective Farming Tech. πŸš€


In this video, eeki’s COO, Amit Kumar, shares valuable insights on how to make a business grow and become successful. He emphasises the importance of taking a problem-solving initiative, which means identifying problems or challenges that a business may face and developing strategies to overcome them. This could include identifying new opportunities for growth, identifying ways to cut costs, or developing new products or services.

Amit also stresses the importance of staying informed about what is happening in the market. This means keeping a close eye on trends, understanding how the population is growing, and staying up to date on changes in consumer needs and wants. By understanding these factors, a business can better anticipate the needs of its customers and adapt to changing market conditions.

Why choose eeki?
βœ” Innovated a sustainable farming technology that enables us to utilise barren land in the most productive manner, allowing the farm partners to earn lucrative tax-free income.
βœ” Developed our patented growing chambers that creates an ideal growing environment for the plant’s root zone, without using any growing media like soil or coco-peat, enabling the low-cost production of pesticide-free vegetables.
βœ” Unlike other modern farming practices like vertical farming and NFT, we’ve developed crop-specific nutrition recipes that produce highly nutritious as well as tasty vegetables.
βœ” Built IoT control mechanisms that allow us to remotely manage all the farm vitals, thereby reducing reliance on manual labour.
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