Retrofit Meets: Urban Heat


Retrofit Meets is an in-person series of panel events that connects people through themes and topics relevant to the deep retrofit of homes at scale. The panels feature guest speakers presenting a project or provocation, followed by a Q&A session with the audience. Join us for these thought-provoking sessions and meet and share with others involved in the retrofit puzzle.

In this panel, our Retrofit 23 partner; Arup, along with their invited speakers, discuss how individual action can reduce the impacts and risks of urban heat in homes and other community buildings, as well as the bigger opportunities from collective action and wider programs of change.

This event was hosted by Becci Taylor, Director at Arup who is leading the company’s Retrofit at Scale business. The panel was also chaired by Polly Turton, an Associate at Arup who is an experienced Environment and Public Health Consultant

The speakers for the event include:

Antonietta Canta, Senior Engineer, Arup
Sue Roaf, Professor Emeritus of Architectural Engineering, Heriot Watt University
Sachin Bhoite, Director of Climate Resilience, C40
Annette Figueiredo, Principal Policy and Programme Officer, Greater London Authority
Andy Love, Founder/Director, Love Design Studio and Shade the UK

The challenge of retrofitting our buildings in energy efficient, low carbon and comfortable ways is exacerbated by climate change impacts and risks. In particular, overheating impacts and associated risks for mortality, health and productivity. The greatest impacts are often felt by the most vulnerable people, in the most exposed buildings and places. In London the challenge is even greater due to the additional effect of the urban heat island.

Our panel speakers explore how action to reduce urban heat risk can be taken alongside other drivers for retrofit such as decarbonisation and health equality, simultaneously improving people’s lives and contributing to green and thriving neighbourhoods.


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