Rethinking cities of the future – A view from Europe


How can we plan better cities, both now and in the future?

Arup’s Europe Cities, Planning and Design leader Léan Doody, and Larissa Miller, Transport Advisory Team Leader, discuss the biggest challenges facing cities in the EU and beyond, as they continue on the road to circularity and climate neutrality. Designing resilient and inclusive cities is top of the agenda for urban authorities and governments – particularly in our post-pandemic world. As urban planners and designers continue to embrace digital solutions, opportunities are growing to design better cities for the people that live and work in them.

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0:00 – 0:56 The biggest challenges facing cities in Europe

0:57 – 1:38 Circular cities

1:39 – 2:00 Circular Buildings Toolkit

2:01 – 2:58 Climate neutral cities & climate action plans

2:59 – 3:20 Green City Action Plans with the EBRD

3:21 – 3:50 Green and Thriving Neighbourhoods with C40

3:50 – 5:44 Climate resilience

5:45 – 8:19 Incorporating emerging working patterns into city planning

8:20 – 9:30 Inclusive design for our cities

9:31 – 12:07 Women and public transport and transport planning

12:08 – 13:35 Designing cities to reduce congestion

13:36 – 15:00 Digital and smart cities

15:01 – 17:20 Using technology to enhance urban liveability

17:21 – 18:26 Demonstrating the value of climate and resilience strategies

18:27 –19:40 Role of the private sector in shaping cities


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