Restoring the Climate in 2023 & Beyond


Experts from around the world came together in an interactive webinar with Q&A to discuss climate restoration and what’s ahead in 2023. Co-hosted by the Foundation for Climate Restoration, the Climate Restoration Network, the Climate Restoration Safety & Governance Board, and Carbon Business Council – the webinar featured experts who will discuss the latest trends and developments in carbon removal and climate restoration. This includes the importance of climate restoration to communities in the Global South, the efforts to ensure responsible deployment of climate restoration solutions, unpacking U.S. carbon removal policy, implications from the World Economic Forum in Davos, and more.

Erica Dodds, Chief Operating Officer, Foundation for Climate Restoration

Peter Fiekowsky, Chairman, Climate Restoration Safety & Governance Board
Sebastian Manhart, Senior Policy Advisor, Carbonfuture
Duncan Kariuki, Product Engineer, Octavia Carbon

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