Resilient Urbanisation: Does Malaysia have what it takes?


With continuous threats of climate change, urban planning and sustainable development has become paramount as it improves the use of the land, infrastructure and livelihoods in the best possible way. A city that can adapt to potential risks is a resilient city.

EdgeProp spoke to thought leaders Chan Jin-Wy (Rehda), Dato’ Ar IDr Zulkhairi Md Zain (PAM) and Datin TPr Hjh Mazrina Dato’ Abdul Khalid (MIP) to guide us through what “resilient urbanisation” means and how professionals can get involved.

(00:00) – Commitment to urban resilience
(08:15) – A multi-sector approach to urban resiliency
(13:42) – What makes WCSC impactful?
(27:10) – Challenges & solutions
(42:10) – Raising the bar
(56:33) – Our collective duty


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