Resilient Futures: New Thinking on Climate Change | Part II: Pathways to Planetary Health


Climate change is already impacting people and infrastructure in our cities, but unequally. In 2050 and 2080 in New York City and San Juan, Puerto Rico, the future may look dystopian.This event discusses long-term visions and new ways of thinking about urban resilience and positive futures in the Anthropocene. An expert panel of policy makers, scholars, and climate scientists discuss their approaches to planning a more positive future, one that is more just, more resilient, and more sustainable, featuring a selection of research and data visualization work developed at The New School Urban Systems Lab. In the context of future heat and flood risks in New York City and San Juan, there are discussions of equity and justice challenges, how to facilitate positive visioning with local communities, and science communication challenges.“Pathways to Planetary Health”:
Jonathan F.P. Rose – Jonathan Rose Companies)
Timon McPhearson


Since 1919, The New School has been home to scholars, creators, and activists who challenge convention and boldly make their mark on the world. To celebrate this groundbreaking legacy, we are opening our doors to the public for a weeklong festival of innovative performances, talks, workshops, screenings, exhibitions, and more. On October 1–6, 2019, we reflected on a century of world-changing ideas and together imagine a new kind of future.

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