Resilient City Toolbox for Urban Resilience Planning


Urban societies and economies are increasingly vulnerable to extreme weather due to climate change, ongoing urbanization, and densification. To reduce the risks to acceptable levels, urban resilience needs to be strengthened.

For the first part of the series, Deltares focused on the challenges, opportunities, and means to apply adaptation measures. Frans van de Ven, leader of the Urban Land and Water Management team at Deltares, showed participants how to use their Climate Resilient City Toolbox. This web-based platform encourages collaborative spatial planning of adaptation measures and allows different stakeholders to explore alternatives for a resilient and livable city. Some cases of using customized versions of the toolbox were also discussed, such as in New Orleans and for an ADB pre-feasibility study in Xiangtan (People’s Republic of China).

This is the first webinar series that the ADB Water Sector Group has held for public participation. Over 120 participants joined the session.


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