Remote Russia: How People Live in Isolated Villages? | Mobile Shops in Russia | Documentary ENG SUB


In the Republic of Karelia, a Russian region bordering Finland, there are more than 400 remote villages, where it is not so easy to get by car, as there are hardly any roads there. It’s usually about 40-50 people (mainly old ones) living there. These villages are completely isolated from the rest of the world: there are no supermarkets or grocery stores, some places don’t even have stable electricity supply. The only hope for the residents of these villages are mobile shops — vans that deliver food, medicine and even utensils to remote corners of the Russian North.

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00:00 How to get groceries in remote villages
01:02 How mobile shops work
03:21 Concentration camp in a village
04:30 How to run a mobile shop
07:10 Electricity outages
09:40 Villagers’ problems
15:28 Lack of infrastructure and telecommunication
18:27 Government aid
21:38 The village where electricity is supplied according to schedule
23:26 Visiting a local granny
29:55 A telephone booth that doesn’t work
32:19 Life of a Karelian farmer


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