Regional Collaboration on Climate Resilience & Green Infrastructure – Kelly Malinowski


November 5, 2019

The San Francisco Bay Area has ambitiously launched the nation’s largest urban climate adaptation and natural resilience project. What is the state of progress on living shorelines and green infrastructure? Ms. Kelly Malinowski, Project Manager and Climate Specialist at the California State Coastal Conservancy and Co-Founder of the Women’s Alliance for Climate Justice will fill us in.

In this talk, Ms. Malinowski will provide an overview of the state of climate work in the San Francisco Bay Area, including progress to date, Measure AA, regional collaboration on climate adaptation and the various stakeholder groups involved, the state of living shorelines and green infrastructure science and implementation on the West Coast, and any gaps and anticipated next steps in getting to implementation of adaptation strategies. If time allows, she will also provide an update on San Francisco Bay Area Environmental Justice Work and best practices, the latest thinking on infrastructure financing in the region, and case studies on climate relocation and managed retreat.

Kelly Malinowski is a Project Manager and Climate Change Specialist with the California State Coastal Conservancy, in the San Francisco Bay Program. Over her past 5+ years at the Conservancy, Kelly has grown the Conservancy’s Climate Ready Program, developed the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority’s Grant Program, co-led climate vulnerability assessment efforts in partnership with local jurisdictions, and works regionally to further nature-based climate adaptation. In 2017, she co-founded the Women’s Alliance for Climate Justice, a network of over 90+ women working in climate change and equity in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before her time at the Conservancy, Kelly worked on marine debris and ocean policy with Save Our Shores, Ocean Champions, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Kelly is a graduate of the Middlebury Institute, with a Master’s of Public Administration in International Environmental Policy and Management, (MPA ’13).


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