RECLAIM Network Plus Webinar #10 – Urban Soils & UKCRIC National Green Infrastructure Facility


This webinar included two speakers:
Dr Dan Evans (Building Tomorrow’s Soils in Urban Spaces)
Dr Ross Stirling (The UKCRIC National Green Infrastructure Facility: An overview of capabilities and current research)

The tenth webinar of the ‘Reclaiming Forgotten Cities – Turning Cities from Vulnerable Spaces to Healthy Places for People’ took place on Wednesday, 01 March 2023. This webinar is the tenth in the 18-webinar series. The webinar was chaired by RECLAIM’s co-director Professor Laurence Jones, from the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH).

Dr Dan Evans discussed ‘Building Tomorrow’s Soils in Urban Spaces’. Dr Ross Stirling presented a talk on the topic ‘The UKCRIC National Green Infrastructure Facility: An overview of capabilities and current research’.
After the talk a Q&A session was chaired by Professor Laurence Jones from the UKCEH, who is a co-PI of RECLAIM Network Plus.

Short bio of speakers:
• Dr Dan Evans holds an Anniversary Research Fellowship at Cranfield University. He leads both fundamental and applied research, principally focusing on soil formation, and the parent materials from which soil is formed. Part of his Fellowship focuses on how we can expedite and optimize soil formation in towns and cities to enhance urban health, sustainability, and resilience. In the context of green infrastructure and urban agriculture, this talk will highlight the findings of recent work on the quality of manufactured soils, the changes to their quality over time, and the key knowledge gaps that require further transdisciplinary research.

• Dr Ross Stirling is the Director of the UKCRIC National Green Infrastructure Facility in Newcastle and a lecturer in geotechnical infrastructure at Newcastle University. His interests centre on engineered approaches to achieve more resilient and sustainable urban green spaces. With expertise in climate-plant-soil interactions, his work at the Green Infrastructure Facility explores vegetated techniques for maximising surface water bio-retention and addresses challenges in achieving Net-Zero through Carbon Capture and Ground Source Heat.

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