Raising 20,000 Chickens On Pasture [COMPLETE]


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In this video you will learn about:
1. Setting up a brooder and introducing chicks
2. Daily brooder chores and setting up your schooner
3. Moving out to pasture
4. Daily schooner chores and maintenance
5. Loading for processing and preparing for winter months

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0:00 – Overview
0:45 – Chicken Brooder Setup
6:49 – Caring for New Chicks
7:58 – Brooder Chores
14:16 – Chicken Tractor Setup
19:13 – Moving Chickens to Pasture
26:38 – Daily Pasture Chores
34:17 – Chicken Catching
41:15 – Winter Activities

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Heifer USA works with small-scale farmers to help them transform their communities. Farms become strong, community-focused businesses that support their families and spark economic growth in rural America. With hands-on learning and access to livestock and horticulture experts, we teach farmers how to grow their farm enterprise while caring for the Earth.

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