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“In this podcast, Ahmad Shabbar, a climate action advocate, joins us for a conversation on the state of environmental activism in Pakistan. Ahmed starts off with a self-introduction and then delves into the difference between climate action advocacy and environmental activities. He speaks about the importance of activism in general and the mission of his company, Garbage Can (Pvt) Ltd. Ahmed also highlights other pressing issues associated with garbage, including smog in Pakistan and the struggles of Afghan scavengers in Karachi. He points out the political unwillingness towards the environment and the urban ad-hoc planning problem in Pakistan. Ahmed shares his thoughts on the incompetence of the responsible institutions, environmental challenges in Karachi, and the hazards of the Malir expressway construction. He also talks about a garbage park in Karachi and the importance of long-term planning. Ahmed offers suggestions for avoiding urban flooding, flood relief, and rehabilitation. He also addresses the problems of plastic and vehicle pollution, the absence of plastic recycling in Pakistan, and the need for disciplined waste management systems. Ahmed also shares a success story from Bandara Buddoo Island and emphasizes the importance of collaborative movements and prior environmental impact assessments. He concludes with a note on the connection between economy and culture and the environment, and provides contact details for those interested in getting involved in environmental activism.

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