Promoting urban agriculture in Montreal (documentary)


The health crisis we are experiencing highlights the need to consume differently and the need to increase food self-sufficiency. For many, this will require the development of urban agriculture, more transparency and local food systems, for the sake of human health and environmental safety.

Even if this booming industry proves promising, with social and economic benefits, it will still have to prove itself and overcome certain obstacles.

In Montreal, urban agriculture is a rapidly developing area, as it is the case in the District Central, which is well positioned to become the city’s emblematic district in this field, with its variety of buildings that are key to the growth of this industry. The presence of start-ups and inspiring businesses, such as Lufa Farms, will also contribute to the growth of this market.

The success of these businesses proves that this new way of farming is not just a fad, but that is has its place in the city. It is imperative that the various players involved in this little green revolution are heading in the same direction and have a long-term concerted vision, in order to overcome the challenges within urban agriculture.

We have sought out players and experts in this sector to learn more about this agricultural practice and its growth in Montreal, but also to learn how urban agriculture can be further developed.


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