Profitable Backyard Farm uses Hydroponics to Grow Food Fast


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John from goes on a field trip to Whisper Backyard Farm in Los Angeles to share with you how they are growing food fast using Hydroponics and Wicking Beds aka SIP Beds or Self Irrigated Planter Boxes to save water and run-off.

In this episode, you will learn more about how you can make farming in a backyard profitable on a small scale. You will get a full tour of this backyard farm that operates in Los Angeles as a urban farm.

First, you will see a better way to use your front yard – to grow a permaculture style food forest. You will learn the different kinds of trees that are planted in the front yard. You will learn how to pick a ripe finger lime and see the finger lime caviar that grows inside.

You will learn about SIP Beds aka Self-Irrigated Planters aka Wicking Beds and how they are constructed and how they can benefit you and your garden in times of drought.

03:43 Support Me
04:00 Cooperative of Backyard Farmers
06:27 Front Yard Permaculture fruit forest tour
08:58 Growing his microgreen cuttings
09:27 Learn about Finger Limes- How to pick a ripe one
14:30 Using a Tree as a trellis growing structure
16:17 Start of Backyard tour grown over concrete
17:14 How to grow more food in less space
18:56 How you can grow lettuce in a concrete mixing tub
20:30 Learn more about Sub Irrigated Planters (SIP Beds / Wicking Beds)
25:00 Main Area of Farm growing in wicking beds
26:15 Growing Fresh Sorrel in Wicking Beds
29:28 Growing Uncommon Crops and Nutritious Crops
30:00 Stinging Nettle Leaves from baker Creek Seed
30:34 Growing Green Shisho
32:05 Growing Green Onions/ Chives
32:50 Growing Tulsi Basi in the Winter
33:25 Growing Purple Tree Collards for Production
35:07 Attracting Birds: Good or Bad?
35:45 What to do with your Catepillars you find in your garden
36:30 Growing Microgreens in a Greenhouse
37:54 How Microgreens are growing in the Greenhouse
39:12 Grow more food in less space
40:02 Growing Sunflower greens in smaller trays to make it easier
41:23 Growing Microgreens differently than all other growers – in Cell trays
43:47 No longer growing in Aquaponics – Growong Hydroponics
45:26 How he grows watercress using Hydroponics
46:45 Growing Duck Weed and selling for $1 an ounce
48:30 Summer Vegetable Aquaponics Recommendation
49:27 Verti-Gro Vertical Growing System
50:46 Garden tour continues
51:25 Constructing an Easy Shade Structure
52:08 Don’t pull out non-selling vegetables before you do this
53:10 my favorite herb to grow
53:38 Bioremediation to Clean Swimming Pool and Growing Plants & Fish
56:30 Best Place for a compost pile
58:04 What you should do with your compost pile
59:33 Why its best to grow your own fruit trees
1:01:30 Reusing Water to grow a banana “tree”
1:02:05 Growing Sprouts Automatically
1:07:05 How to Create Additional Revenue for your farm with unsold produce
1:09:50 complete hydroponic nutrients that grow vegetables on his farm
1:12:50 Interview with Mike from Whisper Farms
1:13:07 Why did you start to grow all this food on the property?
1:13:40 How did you get to plant a fruit forest in the front yard
1:15:18 Why did you start growing in Wicking Beds?
1:17:30 What is the biggest challenge with wicking beds?
1:18:30 What kind of wood did you use to build your wicking beds?
1:19:55 What are the benefits of growing wicking beds?
1:20:50 What plants grow best in a wicking bed?
1:21:30 Do you grow red veined sorrel?
1:21:40 Why did you stop using Aquaponics and convert to Hydroponics?
1:27:50 Why Growing Chickens are not the best for maximizing Profit
1:32:02 Did your diet change after you stopped keeping 100 chickens?
1:33:18 Why did you keep some chickens on your farm?
1:35:20 How did you end up with 100 Chickens at one point?
1:38:30 Why are you using cell trays to grow microgreens?
1:40:43 How to get away with selling your produce for $16 a pound?
1:44:06 On an average Sale, how much do people spend?
1:45:53 What do you sell besides the $1/ounce greens at the farmers market?
1:47:20 How did you come up come up with your automatic sprouting table?
1:50:12 What did work on your backyard farm?
1:53:27 How to you sterilize your microgreen trays?
1:55:18 Why do you grow using hydroponic nutrients instead of organic?
2:01:29 My views on Synthetic vs Organic Nutrients
2:09:10 Any Final Words of Wisdom from a Backyard farmer?
2:10:20 How can people find you and your farm?

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After watching this episode, you will learn more about how you can grow food at home for you and your family and even make it a profitable business if you so desire.

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