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Green Roofs for Healthy Cities would like to thank you for your support and wish you all happy holidays! We are giving you the gift of knowledge by offering you a 25% discount on all of our courses! You can also save up to $250 on the Green Roof Professional (GRP) accreditation bundle which includes three courses, an exam and membership. These courses make for a great gift for design professionals as well as someone working or wanting to work in the green roof and wall industry.  

The Holiday sale runs from December 1, 2022 through to January 15, 2023 and you have up to one year to complete your courses. Please visit the Living Architecture Academy to review courses and to register.

The holidays offer an exciting opportunity for you to obtain additional CEU’s (APLD, ASLA, GRP, AIA) as the year comes to an end. These courses are perfect for emerging professionals, as well as experts who want to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. 

Here are some of our most popular courses:

Green Roof Professional Courses – Save up to $250!

Green Roof Professional Bundle

This collection of courses allows trainees to access tools and techniques needed to meet green roof project objectives on schedule, to specification, and within budget, the latest industry developments, technical standards and research findings.  Includes three courses, one exam and one year membership.

Presenter: By Steven Peck, GRP // William Foley, CSI, CCPR, GRP, LEED GA // Patrick Carey, GRP

Price: $999 USD   $750 USD

CEUs: Each course is approved for 7.5 AIA, ASLA, and GRP Continuing Education Credits.

Biophilic Design: Science, Theory, Economics & Practice

This is an hour-long course that explains the human connection to nature within the built environment. Developed by Terrapin Bright Green, and delivered by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, this course explores the scientific foundations of biophilic design theory and presents current research on the subject. Using case studies of best practice in planning and urban design, this course covers the main tenets of biophilia, as well as the 14 patterns of biophilic design as a tool. This course is intended to help design and planning professionals understand the impact of biophilic design on human health and productivity, as well as demonstrate how these elements can be incorporated into built environments.

Presenter: Bill Browning, MSRED MIT, Hon AIA, LEED AP

Price: $40 USD   $30 USD

CEUs: This course is approved for 1 AIA/APLD/ASLA/GRP HSW CEU

Introduction to Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure means natural and human-made elements that provide ecological and hydrological functions and processes. Green infrastructure can include components such as natural heritage features and systems, parklands, stormwater management systems, street trees, urban forests, natural channels, permeable surfaces, and green roofs. Green infrastructure use is widespread across the US and Europe, but capacity in Canada to use, create policy for, incentivize, and apply green infrastructure is limited. This course is designed to build this capacity in the public and private sector by introducing green infrastructure through its types, benefits, principles, applications, and successful policies.

Presenter:Rohan Lilauwala, GRP

Price: $75 USD   $57 USD 

CEUs: This course is approved for 1.25 AIA/APLD, and 1.5 ASLA/GRP HSW CEUs

Introduction to Green Walls

Introduction to Green Walls discusses design and construction best practices for green façades and living walls, including maintenance, irrigation requirements as well as a number of planting and site level considerations. Learn about a number of rating system options, policy drivers for living wall technologies, and research regarding performance and benefit.

Presenter: David Yocca, AICP, FASLA, GRP, LEED AP

Price: $120 USD   $90 USD

CEUs: This course is approved for 3 AIA/ASLA/GRP, and 2.25 APLD HSW CEUs.

When Green Roofs Go Wrong

This course provides an overview of some of the ways green roofs fail, what to do when failures occur, and how to avoid these mistakes to ensure long term success and the maximization of benefits derived from a green roof.

Presenter: Elizabeth Morris, CDT, GRP

Price: $40 USD   $30 USD

CEUs:This course is approved for 1 AIA/ASLA/GRP HSW CEU

Introduction to Rooftop Urban Agriculture

This half-day course discusses practical applications of green roof and wall technologies that can be used to implement productive rooftop farming initiatives. Case studies focused on pioneering urban farming operations describe key factors for project success.

Presenter: Emma Tamlin

Price: $75 USD   $56.25 USD

CEUs: This course is approved for 1.5 AIA/ASLA/GRP HSW CEU

Green Roof Design & Installation

This course will provide you with the latest information on green roof benefits, technical standards, product innovations, and design and installation best practice. As a trainee, you will be presented with the tools and techniques needed to meet green roof project objectives on schedule, to specification, and within budget. 

Presenter: Steven Peck, GRP, HASLA

Price: $350 USD   $263 USD

CEUs: This course is approved for 7.5 AIA/GRP, 7 ASLA, and 5 APLD HSW CEUs.

Please visit the Living Architecture Academy to read more and to register for courses.

Happy learning and happy holidays from the team at Green Roofs for Healthy Cities!

About Us

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC)is a non-profit 501(c)(6) professional industry association working to grow the green roof and wall industry throughout North America since 1999. Our mission is to develop and protect the market by increasing the awareness of the economic, social, and environmental benefits of green roofs, green walls, and other forms of living architecture through education, advocacy, professional development, and celebrations of excellence.  

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