Prime Minister Modi's address at the Global Climate Summit | The Urban Debate


On The Urban Debate, with Tanvi Shukla, we discuss Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan on India’s climate action plan at COP26. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke at the COP26 in Glasgow today. He started with how India has a long history of environmental conservation. He urged other nations to gather in support of climate justice. India’s call for climate justice was echoed in its Prime Minister’s speech today. India is the 3rd largest emitter of carbon presently but is only the 6th largest emitter according to historical data. Thus, India and Modi are urging that developed nations should shoulder a greater responsibility to reduce carbon emissions rather than putting the blame on smaller nations that are yet to fully develop their economies. PM Modi spoke of the Swachh Bharat’s mission of India and how it is an example both in environmental adaptation and conversation.
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