The project team and WETER company continue to promote and develop the W.E.T.E.R and GOROD L.E.S (Logistic Eco System) projects, a new infrastructure concept for a city in the Middle East. In order to ensure progressive, sustainable development and implementation of the announced solutions and new concept, in January 2023, a business meeting was held between the General Director of WETER LLC D. Tiaglin and the manager of Al Ahmadiah International Contracting Serge Massoudi, which implements construction projects both in the UAE and in other countries of the Middle East. This construction company has authority in the business community of the UAE and has long been involved in the construction of major capital construction projects, of which there are more than 50. The largest completed project is the construction in 2010 of a skyscraper in Dubai with a height of 317 meters and 72 floors. The official name of this grand building is the Blue Tower, which has other names: The Tower, Plot number 335-112, HHHR Tower.
The meeting was held in the office of Al Ahmadiah International Contracting L.L.C, located in Al Fajer Complex – Emirates Crew Accommodation of Dubai, which was attended by the specialists of the construction company. At the meeting D. Tiaglin held a presentation of projects with the provision of text, graphics and video material on the projects W.E.T.E.R and GOROD L.E.S and objects under development: wind power complex, multi-level system of urban communications. The developers of innovative technical solutions explained the technological use of new technical solutions and the prospects for their use in urban areas. Representatives of the construction company were given estimated indicators of achieving the likely effects of the implementation of the proposed developments in the urban area.
At this stage of the relationship from the manager and specialists Al Ahmadiah International Contracting has expressed interest in the wind energy complex as a core subject of the company. During the meeting there was a discussion about the design and technological work of the wind energy complex, as well as considered options for its architectural and construction form. At the end of the meeting the manager of Al Ahmadiah International Contracting, Serge Massoudi, expressed the need to develop further relationships, business meetings, and noted that the construction company will organize a meeting with the founders to discuss participation in the project W.E.T.E.R, development and creation of innovative capital construction projects, consideration of the use of new technological and architectural solutions in the UAE.
This event is reflected in a short video prepared by the W.E.T.E.R and GOROD L.E.S project team.

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