#poultryfarming #fishfarming 2023।मुर्गी पालन के साथ मछली पालन कैसे करें। poultry farm+fish farming


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#poultryfarming #fishfarming । मुर्गी पालन के साथ मछली पालन कैसे करें। poultry farm+fish farming

हमारी और भी वीडियो आप देख सकते हैं नीचे लिंक दिया है

Fish farming & Poultry farming


देसी मुर्गी पालन & poultry farming


गांव में कौन सा बिजनेस करें


What is integrated fish farming? well, it is nothing but raising fishes along with other livestock where the manure of livestock is being used for fish food. In this type of fish farming, the fish feed is provided from other livestock litter either directly or indirectly. As we already know that poultry farming in rural and urban areas is increasing rapidly since poultry has good demand. The best and suitable fishes for integrated fish and poultry farming are those fishes that can filter and feed on phytoplankton, zooplankton, and bacteria from pond water. In integrated fish farming, Catla, Silver carp, and Rohu fishes are recommended. Poultry excreta is an excellent feed for fishes. This manure contains highly soluble organic salts, more Nitrogen, and phosphorus. You can integrate both broilers, layer, or dual-purpose chickens in the system. To manage, 1- hectare fish pond 500 to 600 birds and on average 50 to 60 kg poultry manure is required per day.

Apart from meat and egg production, poultry manure is another source of income for poultry farmers. One can utilize this nutrient-rich manure in aquaculture for a better conversion rate than agriculture. Fish ponds can be built along with poultry house/shed for better accessibility of chicken droppings.

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Integrated Fish and Poultry Farming / Integrated Fish and Layer Chicken Farming

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