Post-SONA Discussions on Environmental Protection and Disaster Management 7/26/2023


Hilton Hotel Manila, Pasay City
July 26, 2023

As Super Typhoon ‘Egay’ hits Northern Luzon, a panel discussion on environmental protection and disaster management takes place as the Post-State of the Nation Address (SONA) briefing continues at the Hilton Hotel Manila in Pasay City on July 26, 2023.

Due to the emergency situation regarding the effects of Super Typhoon ‘Egay,’ some panelists join the discussions via zoom.

The agenda items include managing the country’s water resources, strengthening solid waste management, enhancing disaster preparedness and resilience, developing energy security, and crafting policies to address climate change.

The discussion expounds on the pronouncements made by the President in his second SONA as the country paves the way towards realizing ‘Bagong Pilipinas.’

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