POLARIZED at the 2023 Canadian Film Fest presented by Super Channel


Canadian Film Fest Official Selection
Saturday, April 1
Scotiabank Toronto Screening: 7:00 pm
Super Channel Screening: 7:00 pm ET & 7:00 pm PT

Premiere Type: Canadian
Running Time: 104 mins
Genre: Drama

Director: Shamim Sarif
Writer: Shamim Sarif
Producer: Hanan Kattan, Juliette Hagopian
Executive Producer: Hanan Kattan
DOP: Greg Nicod
Editor: John Gurdebeke, Sarah Peddie
Production Designer: Shawna Balas
Music: Kevon Cronin

Cast: Holly Deveaux, Maxine Denis, Tara Samuel, Adam Hurtig, Hesham Hammoud, Abraham Asto, Baraka Rahmani

Film Synopsis: North America, present day. In a fading small town, Lisa goes to work at an ‘urban farm’ – the kind of controlled production that has helped push traditional farms like her family’s out of business. The political climate – leaning against immigrants – feels threatening for the urban farm owners – Dalia and her successful, Muslim family. Weeks before Dalia’s wedding, a heated encounter between the two women exposes deep prejudices and results in Lisa losing her job. But it’s only the start of an unexpected connection between these two women from the same town, but very different worlds. As the pair face a growing attraction they will have to break the barriers of race, religion and class that separate them, or risk settling for the lives their families have laid out.

POLARIZED will be preceded by the short film RACHEL AND RAHA


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