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Photosynthesis in plants


Photosynthesis lecture – This lecture explains about the Photosynthesis in plants including the overview of light reaction and Calvin cycle that helps converting light energy and CO2 into glucose and oxygen.
Photosynthesis occurs in many kinds of bacteria and algae, band in the leaves and sometimes the stems of green plants. Figure 10.2 describes the levels of organization in a plant leaf. Recall from chapter 5 that the cells of plant leaves contain organelles called chloroplasts that actually carry out the photosynthetic process. No other structure in a plant cell is able to carry out photosynthesis. Photosynthe-sis takes place in three stages: (1) capturing energy from sunlight; (2) using the energy to make ATP and reducing power in the form of a compound called NADPH; and
(3) using the ATP and NADPH to power the synthesis of organic molecules from CO2 in the air (carbon fixation).
The first two stages take place in the presence of light and are commonly called the light reactions. The third
stage, the formation of organic molecules from atmospheric CO2, is called the Calvin cycle. As long as ATP and NADPH are available, the Calvin cycle may occur in the absence of light.

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