Phoenix residents ration air conditioning, fearing future electric bills, as record-breaking heat tu


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The entire July in July, temperatures in Phoenix reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit or a summit. The air conditioner that makes the modern Phoenix possible is a life line. Jonathan Bean, Co -Director of the University of Arizona, Energy Solutions Institute, combined with more than 100 external temperatures, the roof absorbs strong heat and spreads down while your home becomes “Air Fritözü” or “Chicken”. “This heat level we currently experience in Phoenix is very dangerous for people who are not air conditioners or who cannot operate their air conditioners,” Georgia Institute of Technology Institute, the senior analyst of the Urban Climate Laboratory.Said. Nevertheless, some of them cut AC, trying to carry the heat, they are afraid of the high electricity bills that will come soon. After finishing call for repair for an air conditioner, Michael Villa, which has a service technology with total cooling, was fault on 19 July 2023.Ross D. Franklin AP. 29 -year -old Camille Raban developed his own system to keep herself and 10 -month Saint Bernard Rigley during the heat wave. Rabany, with help of nest intelligent thermostat by watching intense and non -intensive program of Arizona public service keeps house from to 4 hours from to 7. Rigley continues to run and both have a cooling bed for Rigley and both are trying to pass until the official peak hours of the facility. “Ay Raban, the public service bill is around $ 150, he said. Emily Schmidt’s Tempe, the home cooling strategy in Ariz focuses around her dog. “Sometimes I wish I could be cooler, but we should balance savings and make sure that the house is not too hot for our pets.” With brutal temperature of recent weeks, “To be honest, I’m afraid what the electricity bill will happen, which makes budget really difficult with rent and other public services.” Katie Martin, manager of home development and community services at the Senior Life Foundation, said that he saw problem of pets. The older people in the incredible income make dangerous compromises and they will not usually come to cooling centers when they do not allow domestic animals. “We see that most of the elderly people we have served in recent years hold their thermostats at 80 f to save money.”Said. Many lack a family or friend support network they can apply in case of air conditioning faults. The malfunctions can be dangerous. The Calligia Tech models show that the interiors can be warmer even than the outdoor space.Said. There are 11 cooling stations in the Phoenix region of the Independence Army. Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Wild, Commander of the Southwest Department of the Current, said that some people who visit can not meet their electricity bills or have enough air conditioning. “I talked to an old lady and that air conditioner is very expensive to run. So it comes to the Liberation Army and stays for a few hours, socializes with other people, and then goes home when it’s not hot.”Said. Manuel Luna, who volunteered in the Liberation Army,


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