PerCapita Conversations Ep 1 – Evaluating Markets for Treated By-products of Wastewater


In this conversation, Avinash Kumar (Head – Water, Sanitation & Environment at NIUM) speaks with Ms. Susmita Sinha (Technical Consultant & Advisor to the Indian Institute of Human Settlements, Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association & WASH Institute) on the broad use-cases and prevailing preferences amongst user groups for ‘Treated By-products of Wastewater’.

In this discussion, Susmita provides insights on the kinds of concerns and limitations that exist between institutions and stakeholders for mainstreaming the reuse of marketed wastewater. She shares insights from case studies on the viable business and operating models for selling treated wastewater as a commodity and what requirements are favored to get a viable product amongst end users. This conversation is a step to gauge steps to make such treated reuse possible at a citywide or regional scale.


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