Pellet Feed Making Machine से कमाई Rs साढ़े 4 लाख महीना! कम निवेश वाला Cattle Feed Business Plan!!


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Title:- Pellet Feed Making Machine से कमाई Rs साढ़े 4 लाख महीना! कम निवेश वाला Cattle Feed Business Plan!!
Can we start cattle feed business with low investment? What are the profit margins and net income in pellet feed business? Does profit vary with the capacity of cattle feed making machine? कम निवेश में ज्यादा मुनाफे वाला पशु आहार बिज़नेस कैसे शुरू करें? I have visited a company in Punjab to see India’s biggest range of pellet feed making machines. The business model is simple and process of making pellet feed is quite easy. The demand for pellet feed is rising with more that 4 per cent per annum as live stock population and dairy industry is rising. Health of live stock and dairy animal is very important for the owner of live stocks. To enrich the feed, micro nutrients can be added or selective raw material can be used to make special feed. The feed can be sold in wholesale or in retail. Contract manufacturing and job work are other options. A successful animal feed brand can help any individual earn handsome profits. The best part is scalability of the business. Start ups can leverage smaller machines; as demand rises for the product bigger machines can be easily set up. Another interesting feature is different shape and size of animal feed by changing die. Poultry, stud farm, goat farm, piggery, dairy may have different set of requirements. Profits are relatively handsome as manufacturer claims that with smaller machine Rs 4- 5 thousand per day and with bigger machine 12- 15 thousand rupees can easily be earned per day. Raw material is in abundance in India’s rural and semi urban towns. I am sharing the contact details of the manufacturer for your benefit.
Company Name: Chhibber Agri Equipments
Address: Opposite Hotel Blue Hill, Faridkot Road, Kot Kapura, Distt- Faridkot, Punjab, India PIN: 151204
Mobile / Whatsapp: 9855219706 (Parul Chhibber),
9814231007 (Rahul Chhibber)

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