Peace Engineering and Climate Action – Environmental SIG Meeting


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Environmental SIG
January 2023 Meeting

Climate Action – the sum of individual, corporate and government actions to reduce GHG emissions and work to adapt to climate change – has become a catalyst across the globe. Earth Day started in 1970 and 52 years later climate awareness and action are still lacking. Activists helped foster global warming curbing plans yet meaningful climate action feels like it’s backsliding. Recent polls of likely US voters record that too few point to climate change as a life-threatening and worrisome backdrop to their lives.

Meaningful climate action is happening “behind the scenes” with the rise of renewable energy and other systemic changes, yet it can sometimes feel as if 52 years of “doom and gloom” communications have failed to mobilize in enough numbers, and has even turned some citizens to “check out”.

A thorough examination of the roots of the supposed inability of the climate action movement to sway minds and pocketbooks is therefore paramount, and a good starting point rests on the recipes for success from past social activities across post-war North America and Europe.

One of the critical tools resides in silo-breaking higher education and to that end, the Peace Engineering Consortium launched in 2018 with lead partners Drexel University, the University of Colorado-Boulder, the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford University, the University of New Mexico (UNM). The consortium aims to draw from multi-disciplinary principles of science and technology to establish rigorous design principles and processes for safer, more ethical development and deployment of emerging technologies. The goal is to create technology that systematically augments our ability to engage positively with each other while tackling issues like cyber warfare, climate change, poverty, and other conditions that come in the way of long-term stability and peace.

Presenter: Frederic Guarino of, Peace Innovation Institute The Hague
Peace Innovation Lab Stanford

Leaders: Joe Londa and Sander Zeijlemaker

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