PAFO-COLEACP Innovations Series – Session 11 – November 28, 2022


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Innovations and successes of African farmer-led businesses and SMEs. The eleventh session of this series launched by PAFO and COLEACP focused on “Promoting circular economy and reducing food losses and waste: successes by SMEs and entrepreneurs”.

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The full programme of this session is available here:
Speakers’ biodata are available here:

00:03:09 Isolina Boto – Head of Networks and Alliances, COLEACP
00:04:38 Rose Noah – CEO, West African Feeds (Kemprotein), Ghana
00:11:41 Fatou Titine Cissoko – Founder And Manager, Jedengui, Guinea
00:21:01 Amogelang Shaun Masi – Co-founder, Viva Organica, Botswana
00:38:31 Mark Musinguzi – Team Lead, Hya Bioplastics, Uganda
00:49:31 Andrew McNaught – Lead Consultant, Tandem Circular Consulting, Zambia
01:02:52 Oscar Ekponimo – Founder, Chowberry, Nigeria
01:55:50 Jeremy Knops – General Delegate, COLEACP |


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