Our new gate becomes reality!


Our new gate and the elderberry orchard begins

Today we start the process of planting the elderberries we purchased in January. They arrived to me as bundles of 10 sticks with no roots. I potted them up using mycorrhiza, AZOMITE and a little bit of fertilizer, and in a few weeks they were sprouting roots. It was amazing to see how fast they popped.

This all started with a conversation with a local purveyor of elderberry products and she told me she was having trouble finding berries and I said I can grow them…not having a clue where to start! For those that didn’t catch my podcast episode with Samara, click HERE! Lots more to come on the elderberry orchard. The image shows the red flags where the first row of trees is going.


This week’s video is the next step in developing the back yard. We have gate! Our privacy fence is now complete with the addition of a gate. I built it using the same thought process as the fence (horizontal slats) and oh it turned out incredible! Watch the VIDEO to find out more!

Plus in the next few months I am working through the process of getting a farm number through the USDA and filling out paperwork to become organically certified. One big transition for this is to only use OMRI certified supplements.

Oh the endless list of things to do on our new farm.

Happy Farming

Greg Peterson

Your Urban Farmer

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